About Us

When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit our world by storm, the travel and hospitality industries were amongst the most severely impacted. Over 90% of hotel reservations were canceled and small businesses suffered huge financial losses, thus inhibiting their travel abilities. We know that travel is vital to so many small businesses and felt compelled to provide a solution that could benefit both business travelers and hoteliers during these difficult times. Using our proprietary concept of Travel Options, small businesses are able to benefit from discounted prices and date flexibility, while hotels can enjoy increased security. We are proud to offer 100% risk-free travel that includes no penalty for cancellations, fitting the current times of uncertainty. Through this strategy, we can help the world ease back into travel in a way that is not only necessary but also feasible, one step at a time.


Our Mission

Unlocking better opportunities for all players in the travel ecosystem.


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